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Meet Jared

Jared Moskowitz is a lifelong public servant who has led our community through tragedy and triumph. As a City Commissioner, State Representative, Florida’s Director of Emergency Management, and Broward County Commissioner, he has always fought to keep residents safe, champion bipartisan solutions and push for reforms that help South Florida families. He is a loving father and husband fighting to create a better world for his family and yours.

When 17 students and teachers were murdered in 2018 during the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, of which he is an alumnus, then-State Rep. Moskowitz led the families in a successful and unprecedented effort to pass the first bipartisan gun safety bill through the Florida Legislature in decades. He earned a lifetime “F-” rating from the NRA for his leadership in passing this legislation. As a State Representative, he also led Florida’s fight against the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) Movement by passing the first bill in Florida to protect Israel from antisemitic corporate boycotts.

In 2019, Moskowitz’s professional experience and reputation for getting things done led to his appointment as Director of Florida’s Division of Emergency Management (FDEM). In this capacity, he led the statewide recovery effort for the outbreak of COVID-19 and natural disasters including Hurricanes Michael, Dorian and Sally. Moskowitz pushed for an effective and science-based operational approach to combatting the Coronavirus. He oversaw the procurement of personal protective equipment for frontline workers along with distribution of the vaccine across Florida. Under his leadership, FDEM developed programs to prioritize vaccines for Holocaust survivors; partnered with over 250 Black churches to offer vaccines to their congregants; and worked closely with the Biden Administration and FEMA to open COVID-19 testing sites across Florida.

Moskowitz left FDEM to be with his ailing father before again returning to public service in January of this year upon receiving an appointment to the Broward County Commission. Throughout his life, he has been a strong supporter of Democrats from his work for Vice President Al Gore, his heavy involvement in President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, and his steadfast commitment to progressive causes and campaigns.

Now, Jared is ready to continue his service to our community as a Member of Congress.

I am excited to announce my plans to run for United States Congress and will work every day to uphold the high bar set by Congressman Ted Deutch. It is hard to not see what is happening abroad in Ukraine – who we stand strongly with – and not think of my grandparents who had to flee Europe from a murderous dictator. Democracy is not just under assault abroad but as we saw on January 6th it is under attack here at home by an agenda spearheaded by Donald Trump.

In Congress, I will fight to guarantee access to the ballot box, protect Social Security and Medicare, work for real gun safety measures and fight for the safety and protection of the State of Israel. I also look forward to working closely with the White House on its ‘Cancer Moonshot’ initiative to finally find a cure for the disease which has taken far too many good people from us, including my father.

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