Updated August 11, 2022


Voters Need to See that Jared Moskowitz was the champion of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act, the most comprehensive gun violence prevention, mental health, and school safety bill ever passed in Florida. The bill raised the minimum age to buy firearms from 18 to 21, mandated 3-day waiting periods, and implemented “Red Flag” laws empowering law enforcement to keep guns away from dangerous individuals. In Congress, Jared will fight to make this law a model for the nation and to ban assault weapons. As Jared wrote in a Sun-Sentinel op-ed, “The United States of America should be able to keep a simple promise to parents: When you drop your kids off at school, you get to pick them up alive.”


Voters Need to Know that Jared Moskowitz will protect abortion rights in Washington, and he has repeatedly called on the Senate to bypass the filibuster to accomplish this goal. He has been endorsed by reproductive rights champion Secretary Hillary Clinton.


Voters Need to Know that Jared Moskowitz will stand up to Donald Trump and insurrectionists to defend our democracy, secure voting rights, and protect the rule of law.


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